Pro Pack Chest Guard - CUSTOM (size and colors)

Create your dream chest guard in 4 fast and simple steps:

  1. Choose your colors
  2. Choose your size
  3. Choose your options
  4. Submit your custom order

Once you've submitted your custom design, a Passau specialist will contact you within 24 hours and confirm your order.

Create my chest


- Reinforced shoulders, arms, biceps and torso
- Double shoulder cup
- Tapered floater thickness, starting at 1/2" over the chest and finishing at 1" over the shoulder
- Low rebound heart guard
- Widened torso for increased rib coverage

The Pro Package design is based on feedback from professional goalies and goalie coaches. This piece of equipment has been designed for top-level goalies and/or the goalie who regularly faces high-caliber shots. The two objectives of our Pro Package are : 1- to increase protection without compromising mobility 2- to ensure that the coverage and protection level is maintained over time.