Senior Pro Glove - Starke Model - IN STOCK


  • 60 degree glove
  • Palm Thickness 3/8" (Pro)
  • Double T-Trap
  • Standard hand size
  • Weight: 888 g

*** Production delay can apply for full right equipement. You can contact us at any time to inform yourself about the availability ***


The Passau 60 degree glove is very light as it's weight only 888 grams. It has been designed to maximize the basket space. We reduced the palm size to increase the pocket. All of this to help the puck stay inside the trapper and avoid shots to hit the palm and give dangerous rebounds in front of the net. We inserted a full glove inside for better control while closing the glove. We also increased the glove opening to prevent the glove to interfere with the chest protector. All of our 60-degree gloves are provided with some breathable strategic point on the finger and the thumb. They are also pre-break for better efficiency of your performance and that, as soon as you receive you Passau glove.