Ball Hockey Glove - SEMI-CUSTOMIZABLE (base color black or white, color accents customizable, name embroidery)

  • Pre-molded
  • V shaped deeper T-Trap
  • T-Trap made with high resistance net nylon balistique haute résistance
  • Well ventilated hand
  • Clarino micro fiber palm
  • Wrist, hand and top of the fingers straps
  • Synthetic leather 1.4mm
  • Pro 2.0 UHMW plastic sliders PRO 2.0 – UHMW
  • 60 degrees angle 60 degrés
  • Handmade in Quebec, CA
  • Weight: 2 lbs/ 929 g
  • Regulatory dimensions: CBHA (Canadian Ball Hockey Association), ISBHF (International Street & Ball Hockey Federation), WBHF (World Ball Hockey Federation)


Our new Ball Hockey series was designed with a precise objective: making it as light as possible without compromising durability and performance. Made with high quality fabrics and delivered with already built-in UHMW sliders. The pads are designed to maximize butterfly coverage and increase stability. The basket of the glove is specially designed with a net suitable for Ball hockey which will trap the ball inside.

*** Production delay can apply for full right equipements. You can contact us at anytime to inform yourself about the availability ***