Pads Stärke - in stock

All of our legs pads comes with the following accessories and characteristics:

  • Elastic fastening system that offers stability, flexibility, and comfort
  • Elastic toe tie designed to offer a faster and more consistent response when moving
  • Professor strap - Adjustable strap below the knee
  • 45-degree angle knee block for a better closure in the butterfly position
  • Weight: 2.32 kg

$1,200.00 $1,000.00


Additional Information

The Passau advantage is to have professional quality equipment at very competitive prices. Our equipment is entirely made in Canada and more precisely in Chambly, Quebec. It is designed with the best quality of material and for Passau this way of doing things is essential and always will be. Passau Hockey offers unparalleled customer service which distinguishes it from other major companies. Passau's equipment will meet your requirements thanks to its technological advantages.


Passau's leg pads have a full flat slidding surface which 100% of it is in contact with the ice. It provide you a perfect stability when you are in butterfly position and on your lateral movements. We removed the toe cap binding and the thigh cap binding to enlarge the surface of the pad. We included an elastic fastening system that offers flexibility and comfort. The professor strap system has also been added to the pad, this adjustable strap provide a better stability of the leg pad. This strap is located right below the knee. An elastic toe tie is also included with the Passau's leg pad.