Set of 4 replacement plates - for the KNEE - ICESKIN PRO 2.0

Set of 4 replacement plates - for the knee - ICESKIN PRO 2.0

Entirely made of UHMW

New bubble design for better performance

Comes with instructions to install


The ICESKIN PRO Bubble Kit is a unique system designed to enhance the performance of ball hockey goalies. Once installed on the gliding surface of your pads, the sliders give you an incredible glide feeling and precise control on any ball hockey surface. The system is easily installed on all modern leg pads with basic tools. ICESKIN molded bubble sliders are entirely made of UHMW. They allow the pads to be raised by 1/4 ″ thus reducing friction with the surface which allows a better glide. They are very durable and help limit the wear of the pads caused by them rubbing on the playing surface.