3 stars package

  • Sliding polish
  • Freshmitts hand deodorent
  • Snap back trucker hat

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3 of our most popular products grouped all in one package. Our gliding polish, made in Quebec Canada, will give you more gliding ability on the ice and will allow you to spend less energy. Simply apply on the sliding surface of your pads. Our Freshmitts antibacterial deodorant hand cream will keep your hands clean after the game and will fight sports odors. Leave the stench on the bench. The snap back style Passau hat, with its 3D embroidery, will fit you perfectly. Wear the brand on and off the ice!

Notre crème déodorante pour les mains anti-bactériennes, vous laissera les mains propre tout en dégageant une odeur discrète,

La casquette style » Snap back » vous offre style avec la broderie 3D et ses couleurs s’agencant parfaitement avec tout.